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Miami, Direct Air Conditioning Inc, also known as DirectAC123.Com, been servicing the Miami Florida area since 2000. We’re an independent air conditioning contractor and we offer top quality service. We have some of the best reviews for miami ac repair. We set ourselves apart from many other AC companies in that we offer 100% Financing Options. If you’re concerned with having to replace a new unit and home-owners won’t cover it, have no fear, we are used to getting our customers the lowest price on units to make financing easy.

Top 5 Signs Your AC Needs Service Miami Beach

If you’ve noticed something off about your air conditioning standard or quality, these five signs indicate potential problems for your ac unit.

    • No Cool Air

If you feel the unit blowing and there’s no air coming out this is the first sign of a severe mechanical. This could  mean that a system compressor has filed needs to be replaced.

    • Poor Air Flow

This one is not as severe, however, this is a sign that your ducts are clogged with debris. Don’t try and repair this yourself, you need a trained professional!

    • Moisture Where It Shouldn’t Be

Here you can have two reasons. The first is a refriegrant problem. It’s a leak and this can eventually be dangerous to your family or loved ones. The second reason is a drainage tube that disposes of condensation is broke or blocked. Not a serious or severe issue, but you should not try to attempt repair an ac unit yourself.

    • Strange Sounds

This one is just as bad as it sounds. Most likely mechanical damage! This is a severe issue, do not attempt to open an AC due to voltage danger. Have us come out and take a look. Avoiding this issue will result in a pricey per hour repair or an new unit. Good thing we offer custom air condition unit financing option for our Miami Beach citizens.

    • Strange Odors

There can be many weird smells when things go wrong with your ac unit. Here are a few hints. If your smell a pungent or foul smell this problem is going to be a sign that your air conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out. A musty smell indicates you have mold build up and this needs to be serviced right away! Go ahead and give us a call or signup for a FREE inspection of your unit and let us introduce ourselves to you.

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