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Air Conditioning Miami is the North Miami Beach, Florida AC resource that you can trust for the long haul if you are a local homeowner or business person. We provide holistic HVAC solutions, and we take our responsibilities to our neighbors here very seriously. Florida heat is no laughing matter, and we understand the fact that a lot is riding on the performance of your air conditioning system. Your comfort on a moment-to-moment basis is part of this equation. Beyond that, an all out AC failure that is not addressed in a timely manner can put your health at risk. HVAC efficiency is another facet, because a unit that is not running at full efficiency can drive up your energy bills.

We say that we provide comprehensive, holistic solutions because we look at the entirety of your indoor air quality when we work with you to regulate your indoor environment. At the outset, we make sure that you purchase the right air conditioning system for your North Miami Beach, Florida home. There are many AC options out there, and you have to make fully informed choices. We can answer all your questions and point you in the right direction so that the HVAC system that you purchase is ideally suited to the configuration of your home.

Air conditioning maintenance is another service that we provide in North Miami Beach

If you enter into an AC maintenance agreement with us, our technicians will make sure that your system is running smoothly. They can also detect any deficiencies and make the appropriate adjustments.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repairs in North Miami Beach, Florida

As we stated at the outset, if your air conditioning is not working in this part of the country, you need to contact an air conditioning repair company that will respond sooner rather than later. We pride ourselves on our same day AC repair policy, and we can be reached 24 hours a day for North Miami Beach, FL emergency AC repairs. This is true for residential air conditioning customers, but we also respond quickly to emergency calls from our commercial AC customers.

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In addition to North Miami Beach, Florida AC sales, maintenance, and repair services, we also offer air duct cleaning, air purification, and comprehensive indoor air quality solutions. If you would like to reach out to us for any of the air conditioning services that we provide, call us right now at 800-966-COOL

What Customers Are Saying

  • Direct Air Conditioning Miami arrived on time to give me a quote; service was polite and professional. Quoted price was significantly higher than a couple of smaller providers gave me, but since I was replacing the unit as a result of vandalism perpetrated by one such provider, I was willing to pay up for a more reputable firm. Direct Air Conditioning Miami said they could do the work a few days after the quote. They showed up on time, again polite and professional, and got the job done in about an hour more than anticipated. The space for the air handler was very small and required expansion to fit the machine. The company sent over a carpenter who spent a day and a half doing an excellent job of rebuilding the closet. Highly recommended.

    Mike Desaulniers

  • My first contact was for an emergency repair and the technician arrived on time, then diagnosed and repaired the problem quickly. I have since used them for routine maintenance and have always been pleased that they take the time to explain what they are doing and why. I plan to keep them for all A/C work on my house.

    Joan Jewell

  • Carlos was the technician arrived on time to give me a quote and service my A/C unit, he was polite and professional. The cost for the A/C cleaning was a little higher than I expected, however I would highly recommend this company and Carlos.

    Andrea Giles

  • The technician (Pedro) showed up on time and found the problem quickly. Our unit need to have its coils cleaned. Pedro also found out that our outside units needed to have the pipes insulated. It took a couple of hours and the unit worked great afterwards.

    Carsten Howitz

  • A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! And a great product !! Professional, courteous and extremely knowledgable technicians that make the difference and gives an edge above the competition. 24/7 coverage and they do answer your call. The decrease in my electric bill almost completely pays for the monthly payments, and I have a more powerful unit that cools unbelievably! I highly recommend this company, and want to give special thanks to all of the people who made this possible.....Juan, Wil, Arturo, Craig, Estevan, and Jose. THANK YOU!

    Barbara Carrillo

  • Best AC service I have ever had. Jose sent Carlos Estevez out to me on emergency basis to evaluate a problem I have had since Aug 11. They we able to identify issues through conversation with Amana tech support. Got AC going again but were unable to correct problems since not an Amana dealer. They gave me names and phone numbers of competitors who were Amana dealers so I could proceed. Both Jose and Carlos had best attitudes and professional of any AC guys I have ever worked with. Direct Air Conditioning Miami deserves more than an A. They are the best I have ever encountered!!!!!

    William Roy

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